Best 6x9 Speakers

What Are The Best 6×9 Speakers?

For a quick answer, the Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch are the best 6×9 speakers for most people. They’re priced well and offer a significant upgrade over stock speakers.

When I was a child my family and I would often take long car trips. Some rides only took a few hours. At my young age it felt like an eternity and I would get antsy. But then my parents would put on one of my favorite CD’s or cassettes, and the miles would begin to fly by. Great music seems to have the power to change the flow of time.

Even now, all these years later, I still use music in much the same way. It helps to make my commute less arduous and to unwind after a long day. A reliable stereo system is essential in any car I drive. A weak audio setup can have the opposite effect though. It can make those slow moments feel even longer, or even aggravating. If the audio system in your vehicle is not up to par, or if you’re looking for an upgrade, I have a solution.

I have selected five 6×9 options available on the market today. I’m going to break them down to help you decide which option is best for your specific needs.

Do I Need New Speakers for My Vehicle?

For some, the answer to this question will be obvious. Maybe your speakers are in need of repair. They could be putting out muffled or distorted audio. Or they are not working at all. Then you are clearly in the market. If your speakers are working correctly then you may have not considered an upgrade. But there is still plenty of reason to do so.

For some audiophiles a vehicle’s pre-installed speakers will not be adequate. Everyone listens to music differently. Some prefer a heavier emphasis on bass, some on treble, while others focus on sound quality.

Some people will even add some more power with an external amplifier or subwoofer. Factory speakers won’t perform as well as an aftermarket speaker when amplified. They are the one-size-fits-all compromise. If you are at all dissatisfied with your current vehicle’s audio setup then you may want to consider an upgrade.

What Should I Look for in a Good Speaker?

Do you value quality above all else? Are you willing to compromise a bit on audio fidelity for a lower price? Are you interested in amplifying them in the future? The answers will determine which speakers are the best for you.

I have a few notable factors to keep in mind.

Durability and Longevity: Some people put higher demands on their speakers than others. I’ve blown my door speakers before by turning them up too loud. They are not impervious to damage and must be cared for.

Longevity is also a factor. Speakers made from more durable materials will last longer. There is nothing wrong with turning up the volume loud. Make sure your speakers are capable of handling the power. Elements like rubber surrounds and polypropylene woofers make a great deal of difference in longevity.

Sound Quality vs Economics: The ideal speaker will deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price. The five options I’ve selected help to bridge that gap.

When selecting a speaker for your vehicle you’ll need to choose between component and coaxial options. Component speakers deliver a higher level flexibility and customization. You can place the tweeters in different locations than the mid-range speaker. But they are also more expensive and may be trickier to install. Coaxial models are more affordable and easier to install.

Power Handling: When you turn up the volume you’re increasing the power going to the speaker. Each speaker will have a peak power limit before you exceed its capabilities. If you turn it up too loud the voice coil can blow and lead to buzzing or clicking sounds.

A speaker’s power handing and sensitivity determine these limits. Power handling (shown by the RMS power rating) determines how much energy a speaker can take before the sound distorts. The higher it is, the more energy your speaker can take. You should also consider your speaker’s sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity the more efficient the speaker is at turning energy in to sound.

What is Best for Your Vehicle? Your new speakers will have to work with your head unit. This is what supplies the audio signal to the speakers. Some factory radios use an external amplifier while others have an internal one. Most aftermarket head units have an internal amplifier and also support an external.

The problem with many factory installed amplifiers is they’re weak. They may not provide enough power to the speakers. You may want to amplify your speakers if you’re not satisfied with the sound after the upgrade.

Keeping those elements in mind, here are five speakers you might consider for your auto-improvement project.

Rockford Fosgate P1692

These speakers from Rockford Fosgate are a great value in their price range. They provide a noticeable improvement over the large majority of factory-installed speakers. They have an especially strong low end.

They also have a stylish aesthetic. Their slim design allows them to fit into a wide range of automobiles with minimal effort.

The main issue is that they don’t handle power as well as some of the other options on this list. With a power handling rating of 75 RMS watts they are more likely to blow or malfunction if you drive them with too much power. They also have a slightly lower sensitivity.

These are a versatile, cost-effective option that will deliver strong audio quality.


  • They are priced competitively.
  • They have strong bass for their RMS power level.
  • You can install them in a majority of vehicles due to their size.


  • They may distort easier at higher volumes.
  • You may blow them easier than others due to the relatively low RMS power.


These are priced on the higher end of the list. JBL’s cones are larger than average because of their Plus One technology. They have an RMS power rating of 100 watts and a sensitivity of 94 decibels, allowing them to handle power more efficiently than others.

The titanium and mylar-made tweeter allows for especially strong highs. The build quality is strong all around.

This is a speaker for the more discerning listener, someone who wants their music to be balanced, crisp and clear all the time.


  • These have a very high build quality.
  • The audio quality is excellent, especially in the high end.
  • They have a very innovative design.


  • These are priced higher than other options.
  • They may not come with all materials necessary for installation

Infinity REF-9623ix

If you’re looking for strong audio quality for a bit less money, then Infinity’s speakers may meet your needs. They’re easy to install in a wide range of vehicle models.

Their audio quality is excellent, especially in the high and midranges. As for bass, it depends on what you’re looking for. The speakers do produce strong bass, but it’s not as powerful as others.

These speakers are power efficient and produce high quality audio. Their pricing is more than fair for the level of physical and sound quality.


  • These are your value option.
  • They are power efficient with good sensitivity.
  • The sleek design makes them easy to install in wide range of car models
  • They have high sound quality. Especially good high and midranges.


  • The bass may not be strong enough for all listeners.
  • Some users report that attempting to boost the bass externally caused speakers to blow.

Kenwood KFC-6965S

This is your option if you’re on a tight budget or want a more economical option. Many budget speakers ask you to sacrifice a good deal of audio quality, but Kenwood’s speakers have great fidelity for the price.

There are some downsides. They have a power handling rating of only 45 RMS watts. They won’t be able to output a very high level of volume compared to others. These may work well for factory head units but not to amplify with high power externally.

Some listeners report low bass levels at medium and low volumes. If you’re wanting more bass, you’ll want an external subwoofer with these speakers.

Overall, this model isn’t going to amaze you with its audio quality power handling. Consider this your affordable budget option.


  • It’s very affordable without sacrificing a tremendous amount of quality.
  • This one is still a noticeable improvement over most factory-installed speakers.
  • It has a respectable level of efficiency (sensitivity).


  • The overall volume level can be limited.
  • The bass is very weak.

Pioneer TS-A6990F

Pioneer uses durable materials in these speakers. The cones can handle a great deal of pressure and still sound great. The handle 75 watts RMS and have a sensitivity of 90 decibels. They have especially strong highs and mids, while the bass is decent if lacking a bit of power.

Some users have reported a bit of difficulty when it comes to installing these speakers. You’ll want to check to make sure they’re compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

These are very durable, well designed speakers, and a great value for the price.


  • They have strong sound quality, particularly when it comes to mids and highs.
  • They are extremely durable through the usage of innovative materials.
  • They are priced competitively.


  • Some users may have difficulty with installation.
  • They are not the most powerful or energy efficient speakers on this list.

So, Which Speakers Should I Buy?

The Rockford Fosgate P1692 speakers are the best upgrade for most people. They are built well, durable, and will improve your sound quality. They are not the most expensive on the list and are a great upgrade over stock speakers.

If you want to take the jump in price and see what the next level up sounds like, go for the JBL GTO939. The carbon injected cones will move more air and make more bass.

When you get down to it, any of the speakers on this list are an upgrade over stock. You’ll hear a large difference after installing and listening. Some offer better sound than others, but all will be better than factory speakers.

Review the information above. Ask an expert. Do your research and select the right speaker for your car and your music.

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