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The Best Blind Spot Mirrors [Buying Guide]

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that no matter how big a car or truck’s outside mirrors are, you will always have a blind spot.

Most people turn their heads to check out those blind spots. What happens if you are towing or have a truck so large that you can’t see blind spots, even if you turn your head?

Some new vehicles have small lights that will illuminate when something is in your blind spot. But not all new cars or trucks offer this.

Unfortunately, it’s an easy feature to overlook.

Blindspot mirrors are small mirrors that generally attach to the outside portion of your outside mirror. They help you see items in the blind spots on the sides of your vehicle.

These tiny mirrors not only cost less than the price of a deli sandwich, but they are also such a boon to drivers that I wonder why everyone doesn’t have them!

Best Overall

If you have been shopping for a blind spot mirror, you will most likely notice right off that these have a different type of design.

This slightly oval but elongated shape offers you the most “blind spot view” for your buck.

This mirror offers a frameless style. It doesn’t take up any additional space just for appearance’s sake. I like these blindside mirrors a lot because they are super reflective. They are angled so you can see your blind spot, as well as the lane next to you, not the sky and street signs.

Utopicar mirrors come with a one-year warranty. But at this price, you will most likely opt to simply buy another pair if one should fall off.

Always give your blind spot mirrors at least 24 hours for the glue to dry before you wash the car or take it to the car wash for best results.


  • The mirror uses quality 3M adhesive so they are extra secure
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Offers the best and most complete viewing area


  • Very few instructions are provided, which caused some users to install these upside down
  • Some complain that these mirrors are too wide for their liking
  • The glue is extraordinarily strong. That’s a problem if you need to reposition or rotate the mirror

If your car or SUV has smaller outside mirrors, you will find the Utopicar blind spot mirrors super helpful. Be sure that you have them right side up before installing!

Best Blind Spot Mirror for Trucks

If you have a truck, chances are that you are using or have installed larger outside mirrors. The standard 2-inch blind spot mirrors aren’t suited for large mirrors, which makes these a much better choice.

These do have a small aluminum frame, which won’t rust and looks spiffy. They also feature real glass so they won’t develop those black specks or become hazy.

This is a set of 4 convex mirrors. If you have more than one truck, you can save a few bucks with this set.

Note that these mirrors are not adjustable. Some people like this feature, others don’t. I’ve used non-adjustable mirrors for years and never had an issue, but then again, not everyone feels the same way.


  • Aluminum frame and real glass mirrors mean these are super high quality that will last for years
  • The 4 pack is convenient if you need more
  • The 3-inch size works well on large truck mirrors


  • Since this is made from real glass, it breaks easily if you drop it
  • Also, if you press too hard during installation, you can crack the glass
  • These are too large for the average car or SUV outside mirrors

If you have large truck mirrors and want quality blind spot mirrors that will last for decades, the Power Auto 3-inch blind spot mirror is what you are looking for.

Best Blind Spot Mirror for Jeep Wrangler

Hello Jeep Wrangler owners!

You absolutely need a quality blind spot mirror. Whether you are on the highway or off-road, these are perfect for your ride.

Unless you have installed larger outside mirrors, these 2-inch round blind spot mirrors are exactly what the Wrangler doctor ordered.

These blind spot mirrors are inexpensive, but they aren’t “cheap”.

These feature real glass, which won’t become hazy over time, and have a very thin plastic frame, which means no rust.

I like these mirrors because they fit almost every Jeep mirror and they are adjustable.

That’s not very common at this price.


  • Real glass mirrors mean these are quality made
  • This set is adjustable, so even if drivers change, they can adjust the mirror
  • The perfect size for OEM Jeep Wrangler outside mirrors


  • Multiple reports that the glue isn’t very strong
  • A few users complain about glare
  • Other users felt these were too small

The Fit System Adjustable mirror is one of the best investments you can make for your Jeep Wrangler.

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Best Blind Spot Mirror for Toyota Tacoma

While most other blind spot mirrors are only 2-inches in diameter, the Utopicar Xtra Large mirror is a big 3.4 inches by 2.6 inches.

You will notice right away that these have a completely different shape. They allow for extra viewing without blocking your regular mirror.

If you have a Tacoma with larger outside mirrors, these are the perfect choice for a blind spot mirror.

These mirrors were specifically designed for larger truck and SUV mirrors. They will work perfectly for your Tacoma.

If you have tinted windows and have discovered that it is exceedingly difficult to see out the rear windows when you turn your head, these will be a huge benefit. You will appreciate them every day.


  • While the glue is strong, many users say that you can pop off the mirror fairly easily with a small screwdriver or razor
  • The larger size is perfect for trucks and SUVs
  • Lens quality is noted as being truly clear with almost no distortion


  • The mirror is not adjustable
  • The mounting tape allows car wash brushes to get in-between and sometimes pop the mirror off
  • A few users felt the mirror was too large

I feel that this is one of the best blind spot mirrors for Tacoma’s and SUV’s who have larger than passenger car outside mirrors. Most Tacoma drivers need a larger than standard blind spot mirror to match.

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Where is the best place to put blind spot mirrors?

Hands down, the best place to get the maximum amount of viewing area is the outermost edge of both the drivers and passenger side mirror.

You can place it on the top outermost edge or the bottom outmost edge, whichever is your preference, but most people seem to prefer the bottom of the mirror.

How should you check your mirror’s blind spots?

Anytime you change lanes or merge into traffic, you’ll want to check the blind spots on the sides of your vehicle. You can look at the blind spot mirrors to see if any cars are alongside yours before you move your vehicle.

I’ve also found it helpful to use the blind spot mirror when making turns when towing. People don’t realize that towing something means you need to make a wider turn and they drivers sometimes come up alongside your vehicle.

This not only happens with other vehicles, but pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles.

Anytime you plan on merging, turning, or changing lanes, you should always, always, always look at your blind spot mirrors.

Should you turn your head to check blind spot?

Blind spot mirrors are great because they eliminate the need to turn your head.

You should be aware that blind spot mirrors make objects appear to be further away than they actually are. If you are unsure, you can always turn your head.

It’s also good to note that glare in a blind spot mirror is often an approaching vehicle. When the sun hits the paint or glass on a vehicle, it can look like nothing but a bright spot.

Again, if you are ever unsure about what you are seeing in the mirror, turn your head and look.

Are Blind Spot Mirrors legal?

Yes, blind spot mirrors are legal in all 50 states in the USA.

Blind spot mirrors are so effective and helpful that it makes you wonder why they aren’t mandatory, OEM equipment on every vehicle!

How do you adjust car mirrors to avoid blind spots?

While some drivers insist that if your outside and rear-view mirrors are properly adjusted and if you are aware of all traffic around you, blind spot mirrors are not necessary, but this isn’t actually true.

You are not a fly. You cannot look at the 360-degree view around your vehicle simultaneously. This means that while you are looking at the left outside mirror, someone could have pulled around another vehicle and is now sitting in your blind spot.

Don’t risk your life or the lives of your passengers. Use blind spot mirrors and turn your head if you are ever unsure about what you are seeing in the mirror,

The Winner

Depending on what type of vehicle you are driving and what type of outside mirror you have, you have a wide variety of blind spot mirrors to choose from.

Unless you have a truck, SUV, or RV with exceptionally large outside mirrors, you will most likely prefer the long view that the Utopiacar Long Design Blind Spot Mirror offers.

These are high-quality mirrors that feature real glass and a frameless style for the most viewing area possible. They also feature 3M glue, which everyone knows is one of the best adhesive companies in the USA.

Especially for curbside parking, you can’t beat these mirrors for the view. No more scraped tires or re-parking the car because you parked too far away from the curb!

It might take some getting used to this design, but once you become accustomed to them, you will wonder how anyone uses those tiny round mirrors!

You can’t beat the Utopiacar Long Design Blind Spot Mirror for the viewing area nor can you beat the price!

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