Best Bug Remover For Cars

What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the buying guide, I chose Bugs N All as the best bug remover. It’s a safe product to use on your paint surface and is also a great tar remover.

The worst thing about taking a road trip is coming back with tar, road grime, and bug guts all over my car. Just look at my car in the picture above. That’s after a 8 hour trip.

Cleaning it off my car takes forever and is frustrating. The windshield cleaners at gas stations never work correctly and make it tough to get rid of bug splatter. Even going to the car wash doesn’t quite clean everything. I also sometimes need a tar remover to get rid of the stubborn tar stains.

Plus, if bug stains stay on the car for a while, they can damage the paint and top clear coat. Whether you’ve experienced this before, it’s always best to be prepared.

 As a result, I’ve made a buying guide of the best bug remover for cars.

What is The Best Way to clean bugs off your car?

Now, you may be asking, “Why can’t I just use soap and water?” While this may be a classic combination, it can do serious damage to your clear coat if you’re not careful. If you use too much elbow grease you’re just rubbing in dirt, grime, and even sand. It can damage exterior surfaces and is not as effective as a dedicated bug remover.

You’ll find yourself scrubbing extra-hard with just soap and water. In my experience, excess, rough scrubbing is one of the main causes of damage to paintwork. It’s not worth it to cheap out on a bug remover and risk the surface of your car.

I always recommend spending a little extra money on a dedicated bug remover for your vehicle. It’ll save you money in the long-term, and it’ll help keep your car looking clean and road ready.

Most even double as a good car tar remover.

What can I use to remove tar from my car?

If you’re tired of putting in too much elbow grease to get rid of bug tar, tar stains, and road grime, you’ll want to look at a good tar remover for cars.

Most of these products contain detergents and surfactants that are able to penetrate and get rid of tar and bug splatter.

Apply the tar remover to your paint surface with a microfiber cloth, let it penetrate, and then wipe. The tar stains and even bug tar will wipe away easier with these products.

What Should I Look for in a Bug Remover?

As you look into bug remover and car care products, there are several factors to think about.

Look for a product with a coat safe formula. Any bug tar remover should keep your paint surface safe. You don’t want something that will damage your paint.

Keep an eye on price. While most products are priced in the same ballpark, there are a few that are more expensive. Before splurging on these products, you should decide whether you want to start with a less-expensive product that may be lower quality. If that doesn’t work, then you can look into the more-expensive bug cleaners.

Next, you should check the products to see what they are effective at removing. While all of the products listed below are great for cleaning bugs, there are several that work on all exterior surfaces. Others are best at cleaning off tar and tree sap. Decide what you’ll want to clean off, and then choose a product.

Also, some products contain harmful ingredients. While this may make them better at removing stains, these toxic chemicals can be dangerous. If they are undiluted, then you risk harming your car. Plus, they can be dangerous to use or store around children and pets.

Water and enzyme-based products are your best-bet for safe bug cleaners. Most of them don’t include the common, toxic chemicals, and they are still extremely effective. Bug acids can eventually harm paint and surfaces. These remover products will help get rid of any residue.

Finally, you should check to see whether this product is safe for your car’s surface and paint. Some products contain chemicals that make them dangerous to clear coat surfaces. If you use these products on your car’s clear coat, then you could permanently damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Think of your clear coat as an additional layer of protection for your paint. It’s an exterior surface that will absorb damage from the elements.

How Do I Remove Dried Bugs from a car?

Roshan thinks he has a Ford Camaro when it’s actually an Escape. But he has some great details and tips if the bug guts have dried completely. It’s always best to remove them as soon as you can. But if you’re like me, sometimes life gets in the way and I’ve got other things to do. But more often than that, I’m in a lazy mood sometimes. Luckily he has some great tips.

Napa also has a trick for getting rid of dried bugs that are caked on. Use water and dryer sheets!

Bugs N All – All Purpose Cleaner

This product is great for removing bugs and other sources of grime from the windshield and body of your car.

It comes in a spray bottle and is effective at removing bird droppings, black marks, and mud. With a proprietary chemical blend, Bugs N All breaks down bugs by neutralizing their organic acid. This proves to quickly clean off any hard to remove stain. Apply it with a microfiber towel for best results.

 Because Bugs N All dissolves these stains, it ensures that you can easily wipe off any grime with minimal effort. With Bugs N All, you can say goodbye to scrubbing for hours on end.

 While Bugs N All is tough on stains, its gentle formula makes it ideal for use on automotive. It can clean both the exterior and interior of your car. Bugs N All can be used on vinyl, plastic, upholstery, and even leather. This means that Bugs N All is extremely versatile. You could clean most of your car with one bottle.

 As an added bonus, the formula is biodegradable and does not included any toxic ingredients. It’s environmentally-friendly.


  • You can use Bugs N All on both the exterior and interior of your car.
  • It is environmentally-friendly, and the formula does not contain harsh or flammable chemicals.


  • Bugs N All is slightly more-expensive than other products.

McKee’s Road Kill Bug Remover

With a highly-concentrated formula, McKee’s Road Kill Bug Remover will clean off the toughest stains that seemed impossible to remove. McKee’s is a great option for exterior surfaces like glass, chrome, paint, and plastic trims.

It also comes in a spray bottle for easy application. I like using a microfiber towel to apply this product to my paint surface.

McKee’s formula contains clear coat surfactants. This means that McKee’s will break down the leftovers of bugs and insects before they can permanently damage car paint. However, McKee’s highly-concentrate formula requires dilution with water. If you forget this step, you could tarnish the paint of your vehicle.

McKee’s is also simple to use. You spray it directly on the grime, tar, and bug stains, then you wait. After a minute or so, you can use a rag or sponge to wipe it away and rinse with water. That’s it!


  • McKee’s is safe on clear-coat surfaces.
  • It is one of the fastest products on the markets. You can simply spray it on your exterior surfaces and watch as it decomposes bugs and bug guts.
  • With its proprietary formula, McKee’s will remove all traces of bugs before they can permanently damage the exterior of your vehicle.


  • For the toughest stains, McKee’s requires multiple applications to completely remove all traces.
  • McKee’s is not as effective on tar.

Chemical Guys Bug + Tar Remover

The Chemical Guys wash shampoo is another effective option for cleaning off bugs, tar, and stains. Plus, Chemical Guys can be used as your go-to shampoo for washing your car because it is so versatile.

Featuring a water-based formula, Chemical Guys is a great choice for clear coat and single stage finishes. It will clean every exterior surface, including chrome, glass, plastic, and aluminum. It’s effective at removing bug stains, tree sap, grime, and even bird droppings.

Chemical Guys consists of a gentle formula that does not use toxic, harsh chemicals. As a result, you can safely use it around your family. Their formula will not do any damage to car surfaces.


  • With its water-based formula, Chemical Guys is safe on your hands and on the environment.
  • It quickly loosens debris and doesn’t require extensive wiping or scrubbing.
  • The heavy-duty shampoo will work on a variety of stains and grime.


  • Some say Chemical Guys is not as effective on grime as its competitors.
  • Diluting it is sometimes confusing and difficult to get the formula correct.

Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover

You can trust Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Removal. It’s formulated to remove both bugs as well as tree sap and other hard to clean grime. Turtle Wax is designed to remove any stains without damaging the exterior of your vehicle.

One perk of Turtle Wax is that it will cling to vertical services. This means that you can spray it on the underbody of your car and get some deep-cleaning action. All you have to do is spray the product and then wipe it off. It’ll do the rest!

While Turtle Wax is effective on bugs, some users have expressed that it isn’t quite as good at removing tree sap. Some extra scrubbing may be necessary to remove the tough stains.

That said, Turtle Wax contains petroleum distillates which means that it is quite toxic and actually flammable. As a result, it shouldn’t be used around children, and pets should be kept away from open containers. It comes in a spray bottle that’s easy to apply.


  • Because it removes bugs as well as tree sap and tar, Turtle Wax is extremely versatile and effective.
  • It adheres to vertical surfaces which enables you to clean spots that are normally unreachable.


  • It contains petroleum distillates which makes it flammable and slightly dangerous.
  • Sometimes, Turtle Wax will leave a foggy residue on the outside of your vehicle.

Wizards Bug Release

Wizards Exterior Wash and Detail Bug Release is one of the fastest working products on the market. It removes even the toughest stains quickly and without the help of harsh chemicals. You don’t even need a sponge to wipe away the grime.  

Wizards exterior wash is also safe for every vehicle surface. It won’t damage clear coats, plastic grills, rubber trim, or the paint. You can use Wizards as a spot-cleaner for bugs and grime, or you can spray entire surfaces. If bugs are plastered across your windshield, simply spray this product, wait a few seconds, and then easily spray or wipe away the gunk.

Wizards is also biodegradable. This means that it’s easy on your car, your hands, and on the environment around you. It doesn’t contain petroleum solvents or bleach which are known to occasionally damage the exteriors of vehicles.


  • It’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Wizards is fast-acting and can remove even the toughest of stains without requiring a sponge or brush.
  • This product is versatile because it is safe for all vehicle surfaces.


  • Occasionally, the product will not adhere to exterior surfaces and fails to remove bug carcasses.


Overall, I would recommend Bugs N All as the best product for removing bugs, grime, and stains from your vehicle. With the help of its multi-purpose formula, this cleaner is effective at removing nearly anything from your vehicle. Just spray it on to the car surface, wipe it with a microfiber towel, and watch the bug guts wash away.

It’s also versatile because it can be used on the interior. Once your finished cleaning off bird droppings, stains, and bug guts, you can then quickly move to the interior. It’s simple to use, and the formula does not include harsh chemicals.

 Bugs N All is one of the best bug remover products available.

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