Best Car Seat Cushion

What Is The Best Car Seat Cushion?

Just looking for the Best Car Seat Cushion? My pick is the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion. It has very thick memory foam and a lifetime warranty.

My lower back gets tired and sore on long road trips. I’ll notice myself repositioning in the seat and moving to get comfortable again. Then I’ll need to reposition another time. On and on it goes. It gets really tough if it’s a long trip over 4 hours. I’ll need to take some breaks and get out to stretch.

I’ve tried seat cushions. They help by adding some extra padding underneath the spine and help to maintain movement. But it’s not fixing the problem. It’s helping relieve the symptoms. The only way to stop the issue is to keep my back stretched, exercise, and not maintain a sedentary lifestyle. That can be hard if I work at a computer all day.

Seat cushions definitely help. I can’t always stretch and exercise during a long road trip.

That’s when I need back support.

What are the advantages of a seat cushion?

The first advantage is to relieve lower back pain while driving. The extra cushion helps relieve pressure on the tailbone or coccyx. This pressure and discomfort builds up from long term driving. My legs can sometimes become numb from sitting in the same position a while. Seat cushions help me.

Another advantage is some have built in heating and cooling. This feature helps in the winter months if the car doesn’t have built in seat heaters. I don’t like sitting on a freezing cold car seat in the winter. Who does?

My Dad’s truck has air conditioners in the seat. I never knew how convenient that was until I tried it. It sounds like a luxury and it is. But it’s a great luxury to have when hot leather car seats make you sweat in the summer. Many seat cushions have built in cooling too.

Seat cushions are a universal fit. You won’t need to buy a specific one for your car. This makes your selection process easier. Identify the features you’d like to have and then find one in your price range.

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

This option is to help with lower back pain on long trips. It’s small, portable, and easy to put in the car for a long road trip. Everlasting Comfort made this cushion out of memory foam for excellent support. It’s designed to specifically relieve your tailbone from the pressure of sitting. Orthopedists recommend this type of design to relieve pressure in that specific area.

The memory foam is thick. Some users had to change their rear view mirrors or adjust the seat height while using. Some people may not like that, but it may not be an issue for others. Just know that it will lift you up on the seat.

The majority of users buy this cushion for lower back pain or tailbone problems. They are looking for relief while driving. It provides relief and people are able to drive longer without discomfort.

Some people feel the cushion is uncomfortable and it doesn’t help much. Everyone’s body is different.


  • One great advantage is you can use this cushion in an office chair or in a car. It’s versatile and isn’t secured down. It’s just a cushion, not one that straps in.
  • Everlasting comfort offers a lifetime warranty. They’ll take care of you if something goes wrong.
  • The U shape design reduces pressure on the tailbone. This helps reduce discomfort from sitting for long periods.


  • You may need to readjust your seat or mirrors. The cushion lifts you a few inches off the seat.
  • Some users feel uncomfortable sitting on the cushion.

Snailax Cool and Heated Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for a car cushion to cool and heat, this is your option. I never knew what I was missing until I drove a car that had heated and cooled seats. Now I enjoy it when I drive a car that has this feature. This seat cushion adds that feature for your winter and summer comfort.

You’ll need to plug it in to your 12V cigarette lighter to provide power in the car. You can also use it on a boat that has 24V power or at home with the AC adapter.

During the summer I’ll get hot sitting on leather seats and start sweating. That’s easy to happen with leather sets. This cushion avoids that by a breathable mesh. The mesh is thick enough that it allows air to pass through and keep the heat down.

Even though the mesh helps, it’s the fan that keeps you cool. It has two speeds and vents the air through the cushion to keep the entire area cool. The second speed will make more noise. It may be too loud in an office environment. This won’t be an issue in a car.

The heater has two settings and will take a few minutes to warm up. Once it is going most people feel it has plenty of heat. A few people do wish it would get a little warmer. It will automatically shut off after 30 minutes for safety.


  • Heating and cooling are the main features of this cushion. It’ll keep you cool in the summer and make sure you don’t get out of the car with sweat marks on your back. This is especially useful in non-perforated leather seats. Cold seats in the winter are never fun either.


  • The fan can be a little loud for some environments. This is only on the highest setting.
  • It will lift you a couple inches off your seat and you may need to adjust your mirrors.
  • This is one of the higher priced options.

Sojoy Universal Heated Car Seat

This is your option if you’re looking for a seat cushion for a cold environment. It has a built in heater with 3 modes and a 45 minute timer. No cool air on this one, only heat. But it makes a lot of heat! Up to 115 degrees.

If you live somewhere that gets very cold in the winter, you may want a seat heater that gets very hot. A lot of people say this one gets so hot they have to turn it down.

The material is a polyester and will provide a small amount of cushion if you’ve got a hard seat that’s worn out. The bottom will almost grip your seat and won’t slide off.

A few people don’t like how long it takes to heat up. This seems to vary but some say it can take up to 10-15 minutes to get up to the maximum heat level.

Others say it worked for a few months and then stopped working. A small number of users experience this.


  • This cushion will get very hot! Most turn it down because 115 degrees is too hot for them. It’s great for winter time.
  • It’s an inexpensive way to add seat heaters to your car. You don’t have to spend a lot for this.


  • Some people have issues with it not working after a few months.
  • Others complain it gets too hot! This can be a good or bad thing. But you do have the ability to control the temperature.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

This is another option if you’re looking to relieve discomfort while driving. ComfiLife designed the cushion with memory foam and gel for better comfort. There’s a U shape which sits towards the back of the chair and helps to take pressure off your tailbone and lower back.

It’s meant to be portable so you can use it in the office or in the car. They designed it so the cover can come off and you can wash it safely without damaging the cushion. It even has a handle on the outside to carry it.

Most people feel the difference right away when using it. It relieves discomfort and helps to ease lower back pain from sitting too long. It will lift you a few inches off the seat, so be prepared for that.

Users describe it as very soft and they like the gel padding on the top. The gel helps to keep it cool and avoid getting too warm while sitting for long lengths.

Some people complain that it goes flat and their tailbone touches the chair. This means they don’t experience any relief or comfort. This can vary by each person. I suggest trying a few different ones out and see which works.


  • The gel padding helps to keep cool and decrease any heat or warmth.
  • Most people feel immediate relief and increased comfort.
  • It’s a good value for its price point. Not on the high end nor the low end.


  • A small number of people feel the cushion goes flat too easily and they don’t get any benefit.

FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support

This is going to be your option if you’re looking for not only a cushion but lumbar support too. When I’m driving for long periods I’ll often increase the lumbar support of the seat. I feel the increased support helps stretch my back and keep me in good posture. Posture is important and is good for long term back health.

This cushion is two pieces. One is the bottom coccyx support and the other is for lumbar support. They’re both made of entirely memory foam. The lumbar support attaches with straps to your car seat. Just wrap it around, adjust the straps, and adjust it when you’re in the seat.

Some people complain about the cushion going flat. This can depend on the person because each body is different. It may go flat for some but not others. Some users received replacements which worked better than the original.


  • This comes with both a bottom cushion and a lumbar support.
  • Fortem has great customer support. They are proactive and will get in touch if you’ve got any issues.


  • A small number of users have complaints about the cushion going flat.
  • Some users mention the package has a chemical odor when opened.


My recommendation is the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion. It’s a good value and will give you support and relief in your car. It’s one of the thicker cushions and should be enough support to lift you off the seat a few inches.

If you need a cushion with heating, I recommend the Snailax Seat Cushion. You get hot and cold in the same product. It’s great for both winter and summer and will help with cushioning your seat.

Driving long distances is difficult for me and hard on my back. I’ve got to get out and stretch often. Seat cushions help me and make my drive much easier and bearable.

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