Best Fog Lights

What Are The Best Fog Lights?

If you just want a quick answer, I chose the YITAMOTOR LED as the best fog lights. You can install them anywhere, they’re waterproof, and they’ll throw enough white light to illuminate the road well.

I remember when I bought my first car that had fog lights. I was so excited at 17 years old. I had never driven a car with them before.

I turned them on at night, the first chance I had. They lit up a small part of the road ahead of me and I was elated!

Looking back now, the lights were doing their job. Nothing more. But they’re a great addition to enhance visibility in rain and foggy weather.

You have some options if you need to replace existing fog lamps or install some additional ones.

I’ll help run through some of the options and give you some information to make your decision easier.

How Do Fogs Lights Work?

Fog lights are mounted low to provide you with an illuminated surface directly in front of your car. I consider them extra low beam lights.

You switch them on and off manually when there is poor visibility during snow, fog, or heavy rain. They can also help to improve the visibility of other cars on the road.

European automakers produce cars with rear fog lights. These help provide additional safety to drivers behind you. They are not permitted in the United States though. Europeans have been enjoying them for many years. The regulatory authorities in the US believe it would be confusing if drivers had rear fog lights.

Considerations When Buying Fog Lights

You may have factory fog lights that aren’t very bright. When I turn them on in rental cars, I can hardly see them sometimes.

If you want to increase visibility you have some options. Some designs include blue bulbs, HID lights, and amber lights as well as improve the aesthetic value of any car, especially vintage models.

Size and Type

As you shop you will find that there are different sizes and types of high-quality fog lights. Their base types are H1, H3, H7, H8, H10, H11. You’ll want to check your car’s manual or do a quick search to see which base you need.

Most people think that fog lights are only necessary for cars and trucks. But you can also install them on a small vehicle like a motorcycle for better visibility.


The kit will come with an installation guide that you can use to install the lights yourself. It’s a simple job that you can do at home. Double check the light direction after you install them. I suggest you adjust them at night to make sure they’re pointing down the road and not into an oncoming driver’s eyes.

Alla Lighting 9145

These are easy to install and super bright. This is a drop in replacement for trucks and cars.

Featuring 2800 Lumens between two bulbs, these H10 LED lights are equipped with 5730 LED chips in each bulb. They have a wide voltage and a built-in IC smart drive that keep the working current steady.

These bulbs offer more visibility and a luxury appearance for a fog lamp. They come with a built-in IC driver and are made with aviation aluminum for a longer lifespan and better cooling.

These are non-polarity bulbs that come with a direct fitment. That means you plug them in either way and they’ll work.

This is a very affordable set of LED bulbs that will do a great job of lighting up the road.


  • These are very affordable LED bulbs that run about the same as a standard bulb.
  • They are easy to install if you have mechanical knowledge.


  • The beam is a little more scattered which can blind other drivers.
  • They may be as bright as your low beams. Be mindful of oncoming traffic.


These are also great for cars and trucks. They emit a very white light and come in packs of two.

This is an easy way to upgrade your daytime running lights or fog lights. Each is 30 watts. You will find six separate five-watt LED chips with projectors in each bulb. That will increase light output and emission.

These bulbs are equivalent to a 6000K color temperature, which is a pure white. Plug them in and they fit easy in your original light housing. They’re made with a high-quality aluminum that is weather resistant and durable.

They come with a one-year warranty. Check if your car has a CANBUS system. You may need to buy a resistor from the manufacturer. This resistor will bypass any error codes.


  • These fog lights are easy to swap out with the factory bulbs
  • They have a very bright white color which helps to illuminate the road.
  • These fog lights throw light wide, high, and far.


  • Because they throw light everywhere, it’s not great for oncoming traffic. Adjust them if you need to.
  • They don’t have as much wattage as others, but they are still bright.

Calais H8 LED Fog Lights

These extremely bright fog lights put out 2000 lumens of light from COB (chip on board) technology. COB technology embeds the LED diode directly in the circuit board rather than an external chip.

They come in a set of two with a very bright H8 3000K yellow color. They are perfect for replacing daytime running lamps and factory fog lamps to help see better in bad weather.

No need to cut wires to install these fog lights. They are sized to fit directly into your OEM sockets. They’re made of aviation aluminum which dissipates heat quickly.

They’re also IP69 rated. This means they are waterproof and will resist the long term effects of water. They have a uniform and soft and luminous light. This will help against glare for oncoming traffic. They provide 1000 lumens and come with a non-polarity design.


  • These are IP69 rated (waterproof) and may last longer than others.
  • They are easy to install.
  • The bright yellow color is better for oncoming traffic.


  • They can be tricky to install to get the right light projection. You may need to adjust them.
  • Some users had to cut them to fit right.

AUZKIN LED Driving Lights

This is your completely waterproof option. You can completely submerge them in water for hours and not worry about them being damaged. They’re great for humid, wet, rainy, and damp conditions.

They’re unique because they have two types of LED chips. One is for a flood light and the other is a spot light. It will illuminate in all directions so you have the best of both types of lighting. This makes them great for ATV’s, trailers, and boats.

They have 240 watts and 24000 lumens. These are also IP69 waterproof rated, shockproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive. You can use them almost anywhere.

This light bar is great for off-road driving in the dark because of the die-cast aluminum housing. This is a pure white light which would be great for camping or any other outdoor night activity.

They also keep cool because of the large heat dissipation area. This helps increase their lifespan and efficiency.


  • These are super bright for the price.
  • You can adapt them to other applications.
  • They’re waterproof and should last longer.


  • You may have to work to install them if your vehicle doesn’t have a suitable mounting spot.
  • These lights tend to spin in the track when you try to tighten them. Try some lock washers to avoid this.


This is another external option and not replacement bulbs.

You’d put these on off-road vehicles, boats, cars, golf carts, and trucks. It’s a set that comes with two pieces and is also waterproof (IP67). They also have a 2 year warranty in case something goes wrong.

I’d put them on the front of a truck or even on the back to help while working at night. I can imagine they’d be great if you had to hook up a trailer in the evening.

They’re adjustable and can swivel any direction to point the light where you want it.

Some users complained the brackets are hard to install. One good tip is to attach the brackets to the light before you install on your vehicle. It’s difficult to access the hardware once the bracket is installed on your vehicle.


  • This is a great value option for bright lights.
  • They work well for cars, boats, and golf carts.
  • They’re durable and constructed well.


  • Some users mention the included hardware didn’t work for them. You may need to buy longer bolts for your application.
  • It’s difficult to attach the light to the bracket if the bracket has already been installed.

I like the YITAMOTOR LED the best. First, they’ll give you the extra light you need for the road. You can also install them anywhere on anything. They’re definitely more versatile than the others. They’re also waterproof and more durable.

If you only need to replace the factory fog light bulbs in your vehicle, I’d go with the Alla lighting bulbs. They’ll be a major upgrade over the factory bulbs. They may be even as bright as your low beams! But you’ll be able to see in bad weather much better.

I hope that I was able to educate you and help in your decision making process!

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