Best Group 65 Battery

The Best Group 65 Battery [Buying Guide]

If you’re on the lookout for a new battery this year and your vehicle uses a group 65, you might think that you are stuck using some old-fashioned battery that “dies hard.”

That’s not completely true any longer.

The older group 65 batteries have made incredible improvements in the past decade. You can get a truly outstanding, long-lasting AGM battery.

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, “group” 65 refers to a battery size and terminal placement.

Don’t know what an AGM battery is?

Regular batteries use lead and acid. They tend to build up a compound called sulfates which eventually shorten the battery life.

AGM stands for absorbed glass mat.

These batteries contain a fiberglass separator that keeps the electrolyte solution away from the plates. That prevents sulfates from building up.

Even if you have an older model vehicle, you can still use an AGM battery.

If you need a group 65 battery and you want a battery that will really last, I’ve made up a list of the best AGM batteries for your group size.

You won’t be disappointed in these puppies, I promise!

Best Overall

If you are looking for a premium battery that will take abuse and keep going, this is the one you want.

You may not have heard of the Odyssey brand. But anyone who has recently purchased or investigated an AGM battery certainly has.

This has a cold cranking amp rating of 950, which is far more than many other batteries. No matter how cold it gets where you live, the Odyssey will deliver powerful juice to your starter, to get your car moving!

The Odyssey Extreme is also a great choice for those who want to use this for off-road purposes.

The great thing about AGM batteries is that they are truly sealed. No matter what position you mount it, it will work just fine without leaking.

This AGM battery is perfect for marine use as well since it was made for deep cycling.


  • This battery has a longer life than traditional batteries
  • It’s 100% sealed and leak proof
  • It works in any position
  • It’s also perfect for marine applications


  • It has an expensive initial outlay
  • It technically comes with only a 4-year warranty

If you are willing to spend the initial outlay in cash, you may never have to buy another battery for 5 years or more.

That alone is an impressive fact that should make you consider the Odyssey Extreme.

Runner Up

While this isn’t in the same class as the Odyssey, for the average car owner needing a Group 65, this might be right up your alley.

The Delphi MaxStart doesn’t cost as much as the Odyssey. The cold-cranking amps are in the 750-amp range which is completely reasonable and explains the price difference.

Delphi has a heavy-duty case that can withstand 20 times the vibration of a typical battery casing without cracking.

Delphi a great choice for off-road vehicles.

I like that this battery has added corrosion resistance for those of us who live in rather wet and humid climates. Delphi also added fortified welds, posts, and straps for a super strong battery that still has the long life of an AGM.


  • It has 750 cold-cranking amps
  • It resists corrosion
  • It’s very reasonably priced for an AGM battery


  • Some users complained that the battery was dead after 6 months
  • The warranty is only 3 years

If you want to take advantage of the power and longevity that AGM batteries offer, this is is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a more affordable car battery but you know that you want an AGM, I recommend the Delphi MaxStart.

With added corrosion resistance and 750 amps of cold-cranking power, you really can’t go wrong at this price.

Best Budget Option

For those of you who have an older model car, and you aren’t interested in investing that much into a battery, this is the obvious choice for a Group 65.

The Mighty Max is still an AGM battery that costs no more than traditional batteries.

But it still offers the qualities of an AGM.

This battery has a high discharge rate, which means it can output current higher than others. That can be helpful for starting in cold weather.

Like other AGM batteries, this holds a charge for a long time, has a robust, completely sealed case, and it is ready to go right out of the box.


  • It can charge faster than others
  • It’s completely sealed, which means no maintenance
  • It offers the long-life of an AGM
  • It’s very reasonably priced for an AGM battery


  • It has only a 1-year warranty
  • This is a new product and there is truly little technical information available
  • Unproven new company

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for, but for an AGM, this is an outstanding price.

What is a Group 65 car battery?

Think of the word group as a size or battery “fit”.

There are many different groups. If you aren’t sure which one you need, check your owner’s manual. Most online retailers offer a feature where you can set up your car model. They will then automatically tell you which battery will fit your ride.

Many consider group 65 to be a ‘universal” fit, but that isn’t really true.

There are older vehicles that use group 65, some off-road vehicles, and other applications. Group 65 is the battery you use when you have a class project and need a battery.

Group 65 batteries are just short of 12 inches in length (11.85 to be exact), and slightly more than 7 inches tall and wide.

The old lead type batteries held somewhere between 650 cold-cranking amps and 830 CCA.

Are AGM batteries worth it?

Yes, the short answer is that AGM batteries are worth it.

But the longer answer would be that “it depends on the application.”

If you have a 1996 Toyota, chances are that you are NOT going to be interested in spending over $300 for an AGM battery.

But for the average car owner, an AGM battery replacement is a great choice. They not only last far longer than a conventional battery, but they hold a charge better too.

This means more peace of mind when it comes to breakdowns.

How often should you change your car battery?

If it is working properly, the alternator in your vehicle should charge the battery every time you drive the car.

How long will the battery stay charged when you aren’t driving the car?

That will depend on many factors like:

  1. How old the battery is
  2. The condition of the battery and the charging system
  3. The temperature where the car is stored.

The colder or hotter the temperature is, the faster the battery will discharge. Batteries that are less than 2 years old can go for months without being charged.

If the charging system is working correctly, low batteries should be replaced when:

  1. It runs low within a week or two of charging and need to be jumped to start a car
  2. It’s terribly slow in cranking the motor – this is especially true if the battery is more than 2 years old

What is the life expectancy of an AGM battery?

An AGM battery should last between 8-10 years. My brother actually has an AGM battery that is 8 years old and is still going strong.

The average life expectancy of a traditional battery is only 3-5 years. That original battery in your new car?

Give it 2-3 years, max.

Imagine never needing a jump start and never needing to add water to the battery. AGM batteries do all that and more.

Why are AGM batteries so expensive?

While AGM batteries are the ultimate (at the moment) in high-tech batteries, they also cost about double the price.

This is mainly due to the increased amount of lead inside an AGM battery. The uptick in lead will allow the battery to last longer and be more powerful.

But lead is no longer cheap.

AGM batteries also have higher manufacturing costs. That means these costs are passed onto the consumer.

My Winner

If you are looking for a group 65 battery for an older model vehicle, you might be more comfortable going with the Mighty Max Group 65 Battery.

It still has all the features of an AGM battery but at such as low price. But don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last 8 years.

If you want only the best for your ride, or whatever you plan on using your group 65 battery for, you might want to go all out with the Odyssey Extreme Group 65 Battery.

For those of you who hate changing batteries, jumping batteries, and you never want to screw around with a battery ever again, then the Odyssey is definitely the right choice.

If you live in a very cold area, especially if you have a diesel engine, you will definitely want the Odyssey Extreme.

With 950 cold-cranking amps, you won’t have to wonder if that battery is going to last another month. The Odyssey will start your diesel motor in the coldest weather and be ready for more.

You can’t hold back Father Time or progress. Make no doubt about it, the AGM battery is the wave of the future, even for group 65 batteries.

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