Best Leveling Kit For Silverado

What Is The Best Leveling Kit for a Silverado?

For a quick answer, the Readylift 66-3085 is the best leveling kit for a Chevy Silverado. The kit is made out of aluminum and requires no vehicle modifications. The included parts are more consistent and higher quality than others.

Are you a Chevy Silverado truck owner?

If so, you may have noticed that the front of your truck sits a few inches lower than the back. This is an intentional design decision. It’s meant to prevent wear on your vehicle’s suspension.

When you add a heavy load to the bed of your truck, that causes the rear to sag. If the back were already as low as the front this could cause your vehicle to “bottom out” or scrape the road itself. This could damage your vehicle’s suspension.

Suspension issues can lead to some serious problems including steering difficulty. Raising the rear of the truck is a very practical decision. But this does not explain why the front of your truck comes lower from the factory.

Why not make the entire truck level? Many truck owners choose to do exactly that. You can too with a leveling kit.

What Are the Pros of Installing a Leveling Kit?

The main benefit of installing a leveling kit is that it makes your truck more versatile.

For example, it allows you to install a wider range of tires. Most trucks already allow for larger tires in the back where there is already extra clearance.

But the front tires may be an issue. Especially if you’re running bigger tires. Though they may appear to fit, they may smack against your truck’s bumper or fender when you turn, putting you at risk.

Leveling kits negate this problem, allowing you to install a far wider range of tires on your vehicle.

Larger tires have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Better handling: Larger tires make more contact with the road. This improves traction and grip which helps your vehicle’s overall handling. Better handling means smoother cornering.
  • Better performance during winter: Perhaps you live in an area with harsh winters. Then you know how much your vehicle’s handling can suffer in the snow and ice. Improved handling of larger tires makes an even bigger difference during the winter. The traction they provide can help prevent scary situations, like sliding or stalling in the ice and snow.
  • Improved Aesthetics: This benefit is subjective. Not every truck owner will prefer the look that larger tires provide. But larger tires do have a tendency to make trucks stand out from the pack.

I found this breakdown from Consumer Reports if you want to learn about the pros and cons of “plus-sizing.”

There are many other pros to leveling kits as well.

Its higher level of clearance protects the backs of trucks from the weight of heavy loads.

But not all heavy loads are towed on the back. You know this firsthand if you’re even installed a plow or a winch onto the front of your truck.

Loads such as these can cause the already-lower front end to sink. This can cause the same suspension problems as a sagging back end. Raising the front end of your truck ensures that it can carry heavy loads of all kinds.

It also lowers braking pressure. This can make a huge difference during emergency braking situations.

What Are the Cons of Installing a Leveling Kit?

Now I am a do-it-yourself person. I do most of my own work.

You may not be. And that’s perfectly fine.

Just know you can avoid some of the problems below if you have a professional install your kit.

The first issue comes with your vehicle’s warranty.

Making modifications to your new truck may void your warranty. This could mean that your dealership won’t make warranty repairs they would otherwise.

If you want to avoid this, speak with your dealership and get the specifics of your warranty.

The installation of a leveling kit may also affect your vehicle’s gas mileage. A higher front end will increase wind resistance. This will make your vehicle a bit less efficient. This is only the case with certain models of truck and is very minimal.

Finally, leveling kits can help prevent suspension damage. But they can also cause it. Your truck is optimized to have a certain pressure on the suspension. Altering it can add wear and tear to certain components like ball joints.

Leveling kits don’t raise your vehicle’s height nearly as much as truck lift kits, so the issue may be negligible.

This is why it’s best to speak with an expert before you install a kit or, better yet, have them install it. They will tell you what your vehicle can and cannot handle, and what the risks may be.

Should I Buy A Truck Lift Kit Instead?

You may have noticed my mention of truck lifting kits and wondered what they might be. A truck lifting kit is a more extreme version of a leveling kit.

A leveling kit raises your truck 1-2 inches higher. A lifting kit can increase its height to as high as 10 inches. This is a major alteration and comes with extra complications.

To help you decide between them, here are a few areas to consider:

  • Do you have a show truck? Some truck enthusiasts take part in truck shows to show off their vehicles. Lifting kits do have more of an impact on a truck’s aesthetics. The difference in height is much more dramatic. It can transform your vehicle into something more impressive, or even imposing.
  • What kind of terrain do you drive in? Leveling kits will improve your truck’s handling and grip. This helps with a variety of terrains. If you’re driving in more extreme conditions, like deep water, mud, sand or extremely heavy snow, lifting kits will make more of a difference.
  • What is your budget? Leveling kits are very cost effective for the amount of impact. Lifting kits cost a great deal more, and their installation is far more complex. You will also need many new components like shocks, springs, and control arms.

Choosing between a lifting and a leveling kit comes down to your personal needs. A leveling kit works for most truck owners for basic transportation and hauling.

Lifting kits are better for off-roading or show trucks.

Maybe none of these circumstances apply to you. Then a leveling kit is a more cost effective and far less extreme option.

They will cost you less money and time. They will also still have a great impact on your truck’s versatility and performance.

But which leveling kit is best for your truck? To help you decide I have broken down five popular options.

All these kits that are compatible with the Chevy Silverado, one of the most popular trucks in America.

No matter what truck you own, you can still learn a great deal from this comparison. This information can ensure that you buy the perfect kit for your specific needs.

Rough Country 1307

Rough Country has made a user friendly option with their 1307 kit. It bolts on, making installation quick and simple. You won’t even need to disassemble your struts due to the kit’s innovative design.

Its strut mount extensions allow for excellent ground clearance and an impressive aesthetic.

Some 4×4 drivers have reported issues with the bolts provided saying that they can cut into their vehicle’s axles.

Parts of the kit are also made out of materials that could wear out fairly fast, like plastics and polymers. This kit is not pure metal, which could reduce its longevity.

Rough County’s kit is a cost-effective option that delivers for a majority of users.


  • It’s priced very competitively.
  • It’s easy and quick for most to install.
  • It also provides instant and effective ground clearance


  • The kit’s materials may cause it to wear out faster in some cases.
  • There are some potential issues with compatibility in 4×4 trucks.

MotoFab Lifts CH-2.5-2.5

Though it is a slight step up in price, MotoFab Lifts is a reliable and effective leveling kit.

Unlike Rough Country’s kit, MotoFab Lifts kit is made out of pure metal. Billet aluminum specifically. Aluminum is lightweight to reduce suspension strain, but strong enough to be durable.

The kit can be installed in under two hours without strut or coil disassembly.

The kit claims to provide a little more lift as well, with an extra half inch of ground clearance.

Most users report that this kit stands up to a good deal of pressure and has good longevity.

Some users report the kit was too small or large for their particular truck. Some also report issues with the bolts, saying that they might be too short to clip into their vehicle’s existing wiring harness.


  • Billet aluminum construction makes it stronger than others.
  • Installation is quick for most users.
  • It’s made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.
  • It gives an additional half-inch of ground clearance.


  • Some people have difficulty with installation or compatibility with their truck.
  • The bolts may be too short for specific applications. Follow the directions closely.

MotoFab Lifts CH-2LM

Consider this kit if you want expert craftsmanship and want to save a bit over others.

It provides slightly less lift at a more standard 2”. It is also made of the same high-quality billet aluminum as others.

It also requires no strut or coil disassembly. This makes installation easy.

As with the last kit, some users reported difficulties with installation and compatibility. Many users said that the kit’s bolts were an issue once again.

Some said that they extended into their vehicle’s driveshaft, whereas some claimed that they were too short.

Some claimed that their kits even came with bolts of varying sizes. You’ll want to check the provided tools carefully before installation.

Are you willing to pay more for an extra half-inch of lift, or are the two inches provided by this excellent kit adequate for you?


  • The price is significantly lower than others.
  • It has the same billet aluminum construction and ease of installation.
  • It’s made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.


  • It gives only 2” of additional instead of 2.5”
  • Some users report installation and compatibility issues
  • Some receive bolts that are too short or long.

Maxracing 2” Front End Leveling Kit

This kit is also a very affordable option.

It has also earned excellent marks across the board from most users. It provides a dependable 2” of ground clearance.

It is made out of a synthetic polymer, as opposed to the pure metal of MotoFab Lifts kits.

There have been few complaints about the longevity and durability of this kit. Many users report that it is more difficult to install. The other kits can be installed in 1-2 hours, Maxracing lists the installation time as 2-4 hours.

As with the MotoFab Lifts kits, some users reported that they had to make modifications, like shaving down the bolts.

Installation does seem to be more difficult and involved, but still fairly easy. As with the previous kits, hiring an expert for installation does come recommended.

Finally, some users report that the kits do not provide a full 2” of lift. But this may depend upon the specifics of the installation, or the vehicle model itself.


  • It’s available at a strong price point
  • It does not require disassembly of struts
  • It has a good reputation for durability


  • Installation takes longer and is more involved.
  • The kit is not pure metal

Readylift 66-3085

This is a higher priced option which uses 100% metal.

The kit is made from 100% billet “aircraft grade” aluminum. The kits are carefully tested to make sure they have the least impact possible upon your suspension.

It requires no modifications to any of your vehicle’s existing factory parts. It won’t alter your ride quality or level of comfort.

They report the installation time as 2-3 hours, slightly longer than average but less involved than Maxracing’s kit.

They also claim to offer a slightly higher lift than average, 2.25”. The actual height of the lift is debatable and may be different for your specific vehicle.

The main benefit of this kit is how optimized it is. There are no user complaints of having to trim the bolts. Nor does anyone have to purchase any additional materials from the hardware store.

You’re paying a bit more, but that money is going towards quality and consistency.


  • The kit is high quality. It comes with all the necessary tools present and correctly sized.
  • The aluminum construction increases durability.
  • It may provide an additional .25” of lift compared to other kits.


  • The price is higher than the other kits on this list.
  • It may require longer installation time than some other kits.

Which Kit is Right for Me?

My choice is the Readylift 66-3085 Leveling Kit. The main difference is the care with which the kit is created and assembled. The components are carefully tested to maximize their benefits. Also, they are all correctly sized and optimized to be installed with ease.

If you want to spend a little less money and you’re okay with a bit more potential inconsistency, the MotoFab Lifts CH-2.5-2.5 kits are a great option.

No matter what, if you think a leveling kit might be right for you, speak to an auto expert, do your research, and find the right kit for you.

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