Best Spark Plug Wires

What Are the Best Spark Plug Wires?

For a quick answer, I chose the ACDelco 9748HH as the best spark plug wire set. They help reduce EMI, last for thousands of miles, and are an easy replacement.

I like to keep my car running smoothly. Over the years I’ve learned which parts are replaced regularly. Others are often forgotten. Two of the most frequently ignored parts are spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Spark plugs seem like one of the most insignificant parts. But your car won’t run without them! They are essential to keeping the engine running and avoid misfiring. They provide spark between the spark plugs and the distributor.

It’s easy to buy OEM replacements from your local auto parts store. But there are aftermarket spark plug wires that enhance the performance of both your ignition system and engine.

It may feel impossible to choose the best spark plug wires with all the options available.

But I’ll help you with that.

Let’s take a look at several different brands of spark plug wires and important information to keep in mind.

How Often Should I Replace Spark Plug Wires?

I always recommend replacing your wires when you buy new spark plugs. Generally, this means replacing the spark plug wires every 20,000 to 40,0000 miles.

Manufacturers sometimes claim that their spark plugs will last longer. This may be true. But you can also check them yourself with an ohmmeter to know for certain.

Check the wires’ resistance. Then compare it with the manufacturer’s measurement range. You should replace them if they’re out of range.

I would suggest spending the extra money to throw a new set of wires in with the new plugs. This saves some money on labor and it is a simple way to maintain the health of your car.

What are the Signs to replace spark plug wires?

If your engine misfires, your check engine light appears, or even if you discover a reduction in fuel mileage, you may need to replace the wires. An erratic idle and failed emissions test are also signs of wires going bad.

Once you crack your hood open to take a look, there are some visual signs that will reveal damage to wires. First off, you should check for abrasions, cracks, or even burns to the wires and your engine.

One tip that I have found is to let your engine run in the dark. This way, you can easily see if any sparks are jumping off of the wires.

You should also listen for electrical ticking sounds while it’s running. If you hear something like static electricity, then your wires may be gone.

As I mentioned earlier, you can always use an ohmmeter to check the resistance. This takes a little longer, but it’s perfect for confirming whether you should buy a new set of wires or not.

What else should I know?

First, spark plug wires are always sold as a set. The number in the set matches the number of cylinders that your car’s engine has. You will have one wire per cylinder!

I also recommend checking the dimensions of the plug. Spark plugs are designed to fit within a specific engine. Then they wont function if they don’t make good contact.

Also check the length to make sure they’ll route correctly and won’t be short. Measure the old wires and buy new ones with similar measurements.

I always recommend choosing an OEM spark plug wire if you’re replacing and not looking for an upgrade. Go for the upgraded wires if you’d like to increase the performance.

Finally, I would never buy second-hand. While it may seem as if you will save a little bit of money, it is never worth it! Spark plug wires are inexpensive. It is always best to buy them new.

Are There Different Types of Wires?

There are three different types of spark plug wires:

  • Distributed resistance
  • Magnetic resistant
  • Fixed resistor wires

Each of these types of wires are generally used on different eras of cars. Distributed resistance wires were used in cars before 1980 and have been phased out. Fixed resistor wires are usually found only in European vehicles. Magnetic resistance wires are some of the most common today.

ACDelco 9748HH

This is a great drop in replacement option.

ACDelco offers a large variety of spark plug wires that will work for almost every vehicle. Their spark plug wires are approved for a range of applications. They have many sets which fit models from GM, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Chrysler.

I recommend their Professional Spark Plug Wire line of products. These are lined with fiberglass and silicone insulators to improve lifespan and functionality.

ACDelco promises that all of their wires utilize a unique distributor boot shape. This helps to have a water-tight seal, a tight fit, and better corrosion resistance.

These wires are also use high dielectric materials which improves the capacity of the insulator.

These spark plug wires are engineered for optimal performance.


  • These wires offer optimal corrosion resistance due to a water-tight seal.
  • They fit a wide variety of vehicles.


  • They are an extremely tight fit, so installation and removal may be difficult.
  • It is occasionally difficult to ensure that the wires will properly seat on the plug end.


This is going to be a similar replacement for your OEM wires.

NGK is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of spark plugs and wires. They maintain a reputation for crafting and providing high-quality products. Their spark plug wires are one of the most popular on the market. NGK offers a wide variety of wires which can be used for almost any application.

NGK markets their wires as designed for limiting EMI and improving conductivity. I have found that their wires do improve some issues with cheaper wires. NGK manufactures their wires with durable materials to optimize the strength and reliability.

They also include silicone coverings and EPDM to resist damage from heat, oil, and chemicals. The stainless steel end helps to ensure a firm fit.


  • These wires are designed to resist separation from vibration.
  • The stainless steel end is a feature to help avoid chemical damage and even burns.
  • The wires are also color coded which makes them extremely easy to install.


  • NGK makes a lot of options. It’s sometimes confusing to figure out which product is right for your make and model.
  • The rubber boots are also occasionally misshaped. It’s hard to get a perfect seal in that case.


This is going to be your budget option.

JDMSpeed makes them with premium quality. These specific wires are universal sets for small and big block Chevrolet engines.

The JDMSPEED wires are designed with a 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer. This gives great resistance to the high temperatures in the engine bay. This special coating will protect them and protect your engine from damage.

They also have a proprietary spiral-wound copper conductor. This helps with low resistance to suppress EMI.

They’re designed to throttle as much energy towards your spark plugs as possible. This helps the ignition perform as best it can.

These wires were also designed to limit an interference to onboard electronics.

JDMSPEED is one of the top aftermarket providers of spark plug wires because of these features.


  • These wires include a heavy glass braid, heavy-duty silicone jackets, and durable black boots. This helps prevent damage from abrasion and heat.
  • The special layer of silicone insulation also helps to resist high heat temparatures.


  • It may be difficult to get the correct length for a tight fit. These are a universal set.
  • This set fits a smaller number of vehicles than others.

Edelbrock 22716

This is your option for high-performance engines.

They are made from high-quality materials. Edelbrock designed these to help propel engines that need as much voltage and power as they can possibly get.

These wires also include a special silicone jacket and Kevlar spiral-wound core. This protects from moisture, heat, and chemicals.

They have an extremely-low 40 ohms of resistance. They also help to limit EMI and RFI noise which can affect other system electronics.

Edelbrock has created a very durable and reliable set of wires.


  • These wires will limit EMI and RFI. This helps to not affect on board computers and electrical systems.
  • High quality materials and construction deliver more voltage to the spark plugs.
  • The unique silicone jacket offers an extra layer of protection for the core. This defends against heat and moisture.


  • Sometimes the wires may be too long which reduces the tightness of the fit.
  • These are an expensive option.

MSD 5574

This is your middle of the road option as a solid replacement set.

MSD manufactures and sells spark plug wires that will fit almost any make and model of car. The Street Fire spark plug wire set is great for a variety of applications and vehicles.

They include helically wound conductors. This type of winding defends against EMI and and RFI noise from leaving the wires.

The Kevlar core is very strong a durable which will increase the lifespan.

The ends are also very heavy duty with silicone boots. These boots help to reduce heat from going in to the wires.

These are a reliable and durable set.


  • The Kevlar core enhances the overall strength and durability of the wires. This will help them to last longer.
  • The silicone coating reduces the chance of them burning from high engine bay temperatures.
  • The are helical winding reduces noise from entering other parts of the electrical system.


  • The boots can sometimes be small. They may not seal perfectly.
  • Other users mention the fit isn’t always snug and they will not snap into place.


My pick for the best plug wires are the ACDelco 9748HH. They’re designed to reduce noise, prevent damage, and remain reliable for thousands of miles. ACDelco offers a wide variety of sets for nearly ever make and model of car. You can easily find the correct set for your personal car.

Plus, each of these sets will include wires that are the proper length. This will help make your life so much easier during the installation process.

ACDelco did a great job manufacturing these wires! If your car needs a new set, then ACDelco may be the best option.

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