Best Tire Repair Kit

What Is The Best Tire Repair Kit?

For those that just want a quick answer, I recommend the Tooluxe Universal Tire Repair Kit as the best tire repair kit. The T-handles make it easy to apply the plugs and it comes with 30 to last a while.

I remember the day my Dad showed me how to use his tire repair kit. It was on the weekend and I was getting ready to leave the house but noticed I had a flat tire. I found the culprit after checking out the tire. I had run over a screw in the driveway.

He showed me how to use the T-Handle tool to bore out the hole to make room for the plug. When I got the plug and tried to push it in I had a lot of trouble. I had to work hard and push with all my strength to force the plug in. I eventually got it but it took a lot of work!

The alternative to the plug is the shop. It can be expensive and inconvenient to get a tire plugged. It’s nice they want to sell me a puncture warranty. But I think they make more money from those warranties than they pay out. It only takes a few minutes to plug a tire.

The kit my Dad has is old but it still works. If you’re looking to buy a new tire repair kit which one is the best? Let’s take a look at some differences.

Is Plugging a Tire a Permanent Fix?

I’ll make a distinction about tire plugs. They are not a permanent fix and they can come loose later. You may have to try again if the tire goes flat. A plug is just that. A plug in the hole. It doesn’t patch the hole from the inside.

The only permanent fix is to use a plug patch. You insert it from the inside to plug the hole and patch it from the inside at the same time. The problem with car tires is that you can’t take the rim off at home. You need a shop with the right tools.

However you can use a plug patch on an ATV or motorcycle tire. They are easy to remove and mount yourself.

If you want to repair an ATV or garden tractor tire yourself the best option is a tire repair kit.

What Else Should I Know about Tire Plugs?

It’s dangerous to plug a hole that’s on the wall or outer edges of the tire tread. Plugging a hole there could potentially cause a blowout on the highway. You’ll need to replace the tire in this situation.

This is where the puncture warranty from an auto shop will come in handy. I definitely don’t want to buy a new tire because of a puncture. But it happens sometimes and you don’t have a choice. Especially when it comes to the safety of others and yourself.

What Do The Tire Makers Say?

Believe it or not the US Tire Manufacturer’s Association (USTMA) has a recommendation on how to fix a flat tire on a car. This is a national trade association. They promote safety, innovation, and sustainability in the tire industry.

The USTMA put together a PDF outlining their recommendations how to fix a flat tire.

Their main point is a plug by itself is unacceptable. A patch alone won’t work either. You need both to permanently fix a flat tire.

Their recommendation:

  1. You can fix the flat if the puncture is within the inner tread. (See the PDF above for a picture)
  2. Don’t fix it if the hole is bigger than ¼”
  3. Take the tire off the wheel and rim
  4. Apply a plug to fill the hole
  5. Apply a patch on the inside of the tire
  6. Don’t try to fix an old repair. This will make it worse and is more dangerous.
  7. Don’t try to repair from the outside of the tire to the inside. Plugs alone are not recommended and dangerous.
  8. Don’t try to repair a tire that’s on the rim or wheel. You need to remove it.

They make it very clear that a plug alone is not recommended. It’s not safe and can lead to a blowout on the highway. A blowout is very dangerous to you, your passengers, and other cars around.

There are certain times where a tire repair kit makes sense. That would be an ATV, lawn or garden tractor, or small motorbikes.

Tooluxe Universal Tire Repair Kit

The Tooluxe kit is an inexpensive option for your 4 wheeler, garden tractor, motorbike, or vehicle. I consider this a temporary fix but it will work to get you back on the road if you’ve also got a small air compressor in the car.

The kit comes with two T-Handle tools. One is to bore out the hole and the other is to insert the plug. It also comes with 30 plugs.

I like the T-Handle grip which is very solid. Many people like the solid and professional feel of the set. It includes one ream which you use to clean out the hole and make it larger to insert the plug. Make sure you’ve still got some air in the tire to make the job easier. Ream out the hole and apply pressure on the plug insertion tool until you work it in. If you have trouble try to ream out the hole more.

Some people mention they bent the stem of the T-Handle tool. I can imagine the must have applied a lot of pressure at an angle which caused it to bend. I can understand that. Inserting plugs takes a lot of force sometimes.


  • The large T-Handle gives additional leverage to help insertion of the plug.
  • It comes with 30 plugs which should last a while.
  • The kit comes in a convenient carrying case that you can put in the back of the car or at home.


  • You’ll also need to buy an inside patch if you want a permanent fix for a vehicle.
  • Some people had a hard time inserting the plug and bent the T-Handle tool.

Steelman Tire Repair Patch/Plug Combo

This is your option for a motorcycle or vehicle tire that a shop won’t repair.

Apply this with vulcanizing cement and make sure to buff the rubber for a good fit before applying.

You insert this patch plug combo device from the inside of the tire out. It’s a two in one device for both a patch and plug at the same time. This will meet the USTMA standard for a permanent, safe, tire repair. It will patch holes up to ¼” and will chemically bond to the inside with vulcanizing cement. This bond will create a seal to keep air from leaking in the future.

It’s meant for radial and bias-ply tubeless tires. It’s not meant for use on inner tube tires.


  • This product meets USTMA standards to permanently fix a flat tire in a vehicle.
  • It’s both a plug and a patch at the same time. It’s applied from the inside of the tire.


  • These are just the plugs. You’ll need to buy vulcanizing cement to create the bond.
  • You need to take the tire off the vehicle and off the rim. This is more work but it’s safer and a permanent patch.

Stop & Go Tire Repair

This is your option if you don’t like the hassle of inserting a plug by hand. The gun will do all the work.

This will be easier than a T-Handle because it’s an insertion gun. Load the mushroom shaped plug and insert the metal tube into the penetration. Squeeze the gun and it inserts the plug with the head of the plug on the inside of the tube. You won’t have to kill yourself with a T-Handle tool like I did the first time trying to plug a tire.

This is only a plug, not a patch and a plug. You should consider it for emergency repairs if you’re on the highway and get a flat. Plug the hole and then fill the tire with a 12V compressor.

This is also a good option for ATV’s, motorcycles, and off-roading.


  • The insertion gun is easier to use than a T-Handle because you don’t have to force it manually.
  • It comes with a small pouch so you can easily store it in your car or truck for emergency use.


  • This doesn’t meet USTMA standards for a permanent vehicle tire repair. You’d also need a patch on the inside.
  • Some users say they still have leaks after using the plug. I imagine every puncture is different and there will be some it won’t work on.

Slime Truck Spair Inflator & Tire Repair Kit

This is another emergency kit option to get you moving again.

Keep this in the back of your car or truck for when you need it. It’s possible it will sit in your trunk for a while but you’ll be prepared when you get a flat.

This kit is a spray adhesive. First you remove the object if possible. Then you add the slime adhesive through your tire stem by squeezing the bottle. It creates a seal from the inside and stops the leak. Use the compressor to fill the tire back up. Now you’re good to drive to the nearest tire shop for a permanent fix or replacement. Slime recommends not driving over 60mph.

Some people mention the compressor is slow. It works, but it’s slow. You may be waiting 5-10 minutes to fill up the tire.

If you but the kit double check the compressor works. A few people mention it was dead on arrival.


  • The slime seals from the inside of the tire. This means you don’t have to work hard inserting a plug.
  • This fix is very quick and easy. You can be back on the road in under 20 minutes.
  • The provided compressor is always useful to keep in your car. You never know when you’ll need it.


  • The compressor is slow and can sometimes take 10 minutes to fill up a tire.
  • You can’t go over 60mph on a temporary fix.

Dynaplug Xtreme Tubeless Tire Repair Tool Kit

The Dynaplug is another take on a plug type tool. It’s intended for a quick fix for emergency situations to get you back on the road and to safety. The unique handle is different from the T-Handle and can be easier to use. It comes with 8 plugs which are stored inside the tool itself. It’s made in the USA.

I like these plugs because of the pointed end. This will help when trying to insert the plug. I’ve always had trouble with the large plugs of other tools. It’s difficult sometimes but I have to keep working at it. This are easier and won’t need as much force to insert it.

Some users say the plugs are too small. If you have a large puncture you may have to add multiple plugs. You can add up to four plugs.


  • It’s made in the United States.
  • It’s small enough to keep on a motorcycle or in your glovebox.
  • The plugs are easier to insert because of the unique point on the end. You’re not folding the plug in half and forcing it in like others.


  • The plugs are small. If you’ve got a large hole you may need to use a few of them to stop the leak.


Use your own judgement on the best tire repair kit for your situation. Companies make standards for safety reasons. The last thing you want is to cause harm to yourself or those around you because of a blowout. Follow the guidelines and don’t use a temporary fix permanently.

For a permanent fix I recommend the Steelman Tire Repair Patch/Plug Combo. You’ll need to buy the cement too but it’s the only permanent solution. It’s definitely more work to pull the tire off the rim but it’s the safest way to permanently fix a flat tire.

If you’re OK with a temporary fix I’d go with the Tooluxe Universal Tire Repair Kit. It has everything you need to fix a flat. It has more than enough plugs to last you a long time and all the accessories you’ll need.

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