Best Truck Bed Mat

A Guide To The Best Truck Bed Mat

If you just bought a new truck then you know it doesn’t take long to scratch and dent the bed.

It can start looking damaged and scuffed after only a few months of use. Once the bed is scratched and dented, it’s expensive to fix.

I always recommend a few proactive measures to protect the look of your truck. If you are concerned about the interior of your truck bed, I would recommend a way to protect it.

Listed below are several of the best truck bed mats available. I’ve also included more information on choosing the perfect mat for you.

Best Overall

Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

Dee Zee truck bed mats make it easy to protect your truck from scratches and dents. Dee Zee products are crafted from a unique form of compressed rubber that is resistant to scratches, dents, and even oil or fuel spills. The non-slip surface is designed to fit and cover the entire bed.

Plus, the rubber is extremely heavy-duty and extra thick. It won’t scratch or tear easily, and it will even withstand high and low temperatures. Whether it is in direct UV rays or freezing snow, this mat won’t bed, crack, fold, or break. It’s UV resistant and is made out of an easy to clean rubber material.

Underneath the top, the underside of the mat is fitted with cleats. These were included to prevent the mat from slipping and allow for drainage of spilled fluids. It also reduces the chances of mildew building up over time.

These mats are specifically made for various models of trucks, and they are easy to install.

The mats are quite heavy at 40 pounds.


  • This rubber bed mat will never show any signs of creases or folds.
  • The rubber is easily cleaned, and you can even vacuum debris off of it.
  • The bed liner is rugged and will cushion your cargo from bumps and bruises.


  • This mat does have the tendency to smell like mildew if it is not cleaned.
  • Because they are so heavy, installation can be tiresome.
Best Universal Option

BDK Heavy-Duty Truck Utility Bed Mat

BDK designed a mat which is easy to install and will fit in nearly any size truck bed. Created with a durable rubber compound material, this mat protects the bed and is waterproof. You can trim any edges to further contour it to the bed of your truck and wheel wells. It’s not a custom fit, so it won’t cover the entire bed perfectly. But it can be trimmed to your liking. The material will withstand drastic hot or cold weather changes.

The BDK mat is also easy to clean. You can quickly pull it out of your truck and spray it down with a hose to remove any dirt and grime. The ridges of the mat also act as non-slip grips to keep cargo from shifting. Even if you take a turn at a high speed, your items will tend to stay in place.

The rubber is heavy and without any uneven spots. It won’t break or crack under pressure.

However, this mat has the tendency to develop a strong smell from mildew. It does not allow water to drain easily, and this build-up can cause issues over time.


  • The rubber material is fairly sturdy and provides good truck bed protection.
  • Because you can trim it to fit, it will perfectly contour to the edges and wheel-wells.


  • After a few months, this mat may begin to smell from mildew buildup.
  • Installation takes a fair amount of time because you have to measure and trim.
Best for a Ford F-150

Westin Black Rubber Truck Bed Mat

This truck bed mat will fit your truck like a glove. It’ll keep your heavy cargo from shifting and you can drive around with peace of mind.

With contoured edges, the mat will perfectly fit every nook and cranny of your truck’s bed. Westin included custom-fitted heat mold technology. This works to align the mat with the curves and measurements of your truck.

The lining of this mat was created to prevent any type of damage to cargo.

The top of the mat also has a non-slip grip. When you are unloading cargo, you’ll probably feel it.

As an added bonus, this mat is crafted from 100% recycled rubber, and it is eco-friendly. To install, simply unroll the mat and make sure that it fits around the edges and corners.


  • You won’t need to trim the mat to make sure it fits. It’s easy to install.
  • The thick material will reduce the chance of anything falling or damaging the bed of your truck.
  • It’s designed for a perfect fit to protect your truck bed.


  • This mat does smell strong like a new tire.
  • The heating process may produce uneven spots.
Best for a Short Bed Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Accessories Bed Mat

This mat has a heavy-duty feel to it. It’s half-an-inch thick, and is extremely durable and reliable. It’ll resist any tears, scrapes, and dents while protecting the bed of your truck.

The design team for this product included many circular bumps on the bottom of the mat. These work as non-stick grips. They will keep the truck bed mat from sliding around. Plus, the top is non-slip and will help your items stay upright.

One frequent issue with truck bed mats is that they develop mildew and mold underneath them. This bed mat was designed to stop this from happening. The mat promotes airflow which is a unique feature. 

The manufacturers also treated the rubber compound with a unique formula to prevent it from cracking fading.

This pickup truck bed mat is a great option.


  • It’s extremely reliable, durable, and provides a high level of truck bed protection.
  • The non-stick grips will prevent your items from falling over. The truck bed mat will always stay in place.
  • The mat has been designed to allow airflow and stop the growth of mildew.


  • It will sometimes not fit around wheel wells.
  • These mats sometimes arrive damaged.
Best Bed Rug

BedRug Bed Mat Universal Size

Here’s a different option if you’re looking for a rug style bed mat. This is a polypropylene mat that provides extra cushion.

Most people choose a bed rug because of the extra support it gives. Plastic liners can be hard if you’re knees. You’ll avoid that with a rug style mat.

It’s a universal fit so you’ll need to measure and cut it to fit to your liking. You’ll also need to drill in to the plastic liner to install it. It’s meant to be installed on top of a plastic bed liner for extra support.

Being made of polypropylene also means that it won’t absorb or store water over time. This will avoid mold and mildew from building up. It’s made to resist bleach, chemicals, and even gas.

With its unique look and feel, this mat will add some much needed style and functionality to the back of your truck.


  • It prevents scratches, is very durable, and will protect your truck bed.
  • As long as you measure your truck properly, it will fit.
  • The polypropylene material is thick and high-quality. It will provide extra support for your knees.


  • The product has an odor from the factory at first use. It will wear off with time.
  • Some users complain of water buildup especially if it rains.

Which Truck Bed Liner Is Best?

What Bed Mat Material Is Best?

When you first start looking at truck bed mats, it can seem confusing with all the types of construction materials.

But there are several standard types. Truck bed mats are made from rubber, plastic, and even carpet. Each of these offer several unique pros and cons.

Rubber mats are the best option for protecting your truck bed if you are planning on hauling cargo. They are tough, reliable, and durable.

Rubber mats are also designed to last extreme changes in temperature. Unfortunately, these mats have the tendency to break down when exposed to a few seasons of UV rays and summer sun.

Plastic mats are designedsolely for keeping the bed of your truck clean. They will not keep your cargo in-place and they only offer a small amount of protections against scratches and dents. But, they are cheap, easy-to-maintain, and can be installed and removed quickly.

Finally, some manufacturers have begun offering carpet mats for truck beds. They are comfortable on your knees and they add a stylish texture to the back of your truck. While they do protect against some scratches, they stain easily. They are not the easiest to clean either.

Are Bed Liners Worth It?

Yes, I believe they are worth it. Especially if you use both a bed liner and a bet mat at the same time.

A truck bed liner is a permanent way to protect your pickup truck’s bed. It’s very durable, will last a long time, and covers the entire bed including the tailgate.

Some are plastic and others are rolled on like paint. The downside is they are much more expensive that rubber bed mats. You also may need a professional to install it unless you want to attempt it yourself.

Popular Mechanics outlines the process if you want to try to do it yourself.

Do bed mats cause rust?

Yes, some truck bed mats can cause rust to form over time. If water becomes trapped it creates an idea environment for rust to form. Little or no air movement under the mat can create problems over time. Mold, mildew, and rust will eventually start with enough time.

To prevent rust under the mat, look for a truck bed mat that has knobs or cleats on the bottom. These cleats will allow any water that collects underneath to evaporate when exposed to air.

Factors to Keep in Mind

As you look at truck bed mats, there are several factors to keep in mind in order to choose the best option.

First, you should throughly measure the bed of your pickup truck to get an accurate picture of the size and dimensions. The truck bed mat should fit like a glove and align with every corner and edge.

You should also consider the overall durability of the mat. If you will be hauling heavy cargo, then you may want to consider a truck bed mat that uses extra thick rubber. This will provide extra bed protection. Also, look for a uv resistant mat to last longer.

I always recommend mats with a non-slip surface that will provide traction and prevent cargo from shifting. If your mat moves around while you’re driving, then you are liable to damage the cargo.

If you want the easier option, then you may want to purchase a mat that is custom-fit to the exact dimensions of your bed. This will save you time and these mats are generally the best fits.

Finally, I always check the cost of the mat and whether the manufacturer offers a warranty. In my experience, the higher-priced mats don’t always mean higher-quality. Find a mat that offers the features you need and go with it.

Who makes the best truck bed Mat?

When you’re shopping for the best truck bed mat, it can be confusing to choose the one that is right for you.

The Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat is one of the most-versatile truck mats which makes it great for many users.

The material is extremely heavy-duty, and it will stand up for years. Even if you drop some tools or tip something over, this bed mat will protect your truck. The non-stick grip is very useful.

I recommend the Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat as one of the best options for truck owners.

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