Best Trunk Organizer

What Is The Best Trunk Organizer?

Are you in a hurry and just want a quick answer? If so, I recommend the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Trunk Organizer as the best. It’s versatile, has a lifetime warranty, and will keep your groceries from sliding around.

Have you ever loaded something into your car’s trunk only to have it tip-over and spill or break during the drive?

I know I have!

Trunks are huge empty spaces and it seems like they swallow up anything I place in them. It’s impossible to keep a trunk organized, especially when it comes to groceries. 

I even forgot some produce in my trunk one time and my car smelled awful for days. To prevent this from ever happening again, I bought a trunk organizer.

It made my life easier.

This handy gadget helps me keep track of everything and allows me to maximize my cargo space. Delicate, fragile items won’t break during a commute. Plus, these organizers make unloading groceries quick and easy.

It helped me solve the problem of a messy and unorganized trunk!

Why Is a Trunk Organizer Helpful?

Trunk organizers are a cost-effective way to keep cargo spaces clutter-free. They help you keep track of anything from groceries, to maps, to jumper cables.

Plus, most of these products have rigid compartments so you can place products upright.

That means you won’t have to worry about wine bottles rolling around your SUV while you’re driving. It also helps keep your drive quiet, since you won’t have items rattling around in the back.

Are There Different Types of Organizers?

The most common are foldable organizers. You can store them easily but you do sacrifice build-quality and storage space. These types of organizers are some of the most versatile on the market. They are also inexpensive.

Unlike foldable organizers, compartmentalized organizers feature several rigid compartments to store products. They offer much more room even though they don’t fold up when not in use. They are more reliable and durable.

Finally, there are fixed organizers which are not adjustable at all. Instead, they have fixed-compartments and pockets which can’t be customized.

There is a trunk organizer for every need.

How Do I Choose the Best Trunk Organizer?

First, what will you be storing? If groceries, you may not need a larger organizer with many compartments.

If you are using it for picnics and camping, then you may want a rugged, water-resistant trunk organizer.

For those in the skilled trades or DIYers, you may want a heavy duty product made with professional-grade materials. This is a great way to store tools.

I prefer organizers with handles because they make unloading groceries extremely easy. You’ll never need to worry about carrying all of your grocery bags with two hands.

Just pick it up and go.

Also pay attention to the construction materials.

If you are planning on using the organizer frequently, then choose one constructed out of a durable, reliable material. I would recommend finding one that uses polyester or other strong fabrics. Look for a reinforced frame.

Avoid organizers built from cheap materials. Even if they are advertised as durable, they are more likely to tear. Identify and inspect the material construction.


With two compartments, the Honey-Can-Do can definitely fit larger items. It’s high and wide! It will fit most items but it also takes up space.

It’s best for a minivan or SUV.

This organizer does collapse when it is not in use and you can tuck it away in a corner of your trunk. It has several expandable mesh pockets on the outside. They can fit anything from maps to wrenches and other small items.

You will never need to worry about losing small objects.

One panel divides the inside of this organizer. This divider is surprisingly fragile. Some buyers say it will warp after much use or tear into pieces.

Users note the handles are not very comfortable. Especially if heavy items are inside the organizer.

There are two Velcro strips on the bottom which are very useful. They’ll help keep this organizer stay put while you’re on the road.


  • This is one of the lowest priced organizers on the market.
  • It’s collapsible so you can store it and forget about it.
  • The Velcro strips work well in keeping it in place.
  • It’s very spacious and will fit a large number of groceries or other items.


  • It is not very durable, and the center panel tends to break.
  • The handles are very uncomfortable.


This organizer comes with a nylon cover. You can spread this over the top of the organizer to protect your luggage from prying eyes.

You can also adjust the length and shapes to suit your needs.

It’s made from high-quality materials and is built strong. The manufacturer included several Velcro strips on the base to lock it in place. When it’s not in use, you can fold the organizer up and tuck it away.

This organizer is not as sturdy as its competitors. Some users note it may lose its rigidity with heavy items. It may even change shape while you’re driving. Some say the side-pockets are also small.


  • Because it can adjust and change sized, this organizer is very versatile.
  • The nylon cover is a nice privacy feature.
  • The Velcro strips are positioned in great locations to prevent it from sliding across the trunk.


  • Many of the pockets are small which limits storage capabilities.
  • The organizer is prone to losing its shape. It’s not very sturdy or rigid.


This trunk organizer is one of the best.

It’s built from high-quality materials and should last for years. The manufacturer paid extreme attention to detail and even included a life-time warranty.

It comes loaded with mesh pockets, dividers, and sub-dividers. You can easily organize small, medium, and large items.

It also has velcro strips and a non-skid hook which will help it stay secure while driving. You can load all your groceries into the organizer and still have room to spare.

The Trunkcratepro also has a number of expandable side pockets.

Overall, the Trunkcratepro is very cost-effective for the level of quality.


  • High-quality materials means it will last longer than others.
  • The lifetime warranty will cover any damages.
  • The manufacturer included waterproof materials to help protect from any accidental spills.
  • The organizer is rigid. Even with heavy items, it will not lose its overall shape.


  • The mesh pockets are rigid and will not expand. This limits some storage capability.
  • Some of the pockets only fit flat items.


This product is very rugged and sturdy.

It has three compartments on the inside and can fit items of different shapes and sizes. It also has several pockets on the outside which are great for smaller objects.

Starling’s product contains Oxford Polyester material which makes it very durable. This material always remains rigid and helps keep its shape. The handles are made from a soft, lightweight material and they are comfortable to use.

One downside is that Starling included non-skid grips on the bottom. This doesn’t work as well as rubber. As a result, some users report this organizer occasionally slides around in trunks.


  • The Oxford Polyester material is high-quality, and the organizer should never tear.
  • Even when loaded with heavy objects, this organizer is comfortable to carry.
  • The sunshade will help protect your groceries and objects from the heat.


  • Without Velcro strips, this organizer may slide around.
  • The pockets run a bit small, and you may not be able to fit bigger objects.


This organizer has two comfortable handles and is portable and durable. It even contains a detachable cooler bag which will keep food warm or cool for several hours.

The shell of this organizer is made from a durable, rugged material which will keep its original shape. Each of the compartments can be removed or customized.

When you’re done using this product, it folds up into a smaller package. But some say the organizer doesn’t fold up perfectly and sometimes remains slightly open.

On the inside, there are three, equal-sized compartments which can store a mix of large and small items. In the event that something leaks or spills, the Orionstar can be cleaned.

It’s also water-resistant. This makes it a great option for picnics or camping.


  • The insulated cooler bag is a nice feature. It’ll help keep frozen groceries cool while driving home.
  • The handles are cushioned and quite comfortable.
  • Because it is water-resistant, this product works well for campers.


  • Although this product can fold-up, the separate partitions will often open back up on their own.
  • This product is smaller than its competitors and will not hold a large amount of cargo.


If you are always losing items in your trunk, then I would suggest purchasing a trunk organizer. These products are fairly inexpensive, and after a few uses, you’ll never want to go back.

I recommend the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Trunk Organizer as the best. It’s versatile, has a lifetime warranty, and can store most items you have in your trunk. I like that it’s waterproof too.

Anyone thinking about purchasing a trunk organizer should consider the Trunkcratepro.

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