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What Are The Best Wheel Locks?

If you’re wanting a quick answer, I’ve picked the McGard Chrome Cone Seat as the best wheel locks. They’re triple chrome plated and are very durable. Just double check they’ll fit your vehicle.

Have your wheels ever been stolen off your vehicle? I’ve thankfully never had that happen to me. But it’s a common occurrence and something everyone would like to avoid.

Wheel locks aren’t going to stop someone from stealing your rims if they put their mind to hit. But it will definitely make someone think twice. Someone would need special tools and more time to remove a wheel lock without. At that point the thief would most likely avoid your car.

What should I know about Wheel Locks?

You put one anti-theft lug per wheel. The lug has a special pattern that can’t be turned by a normal lug wrench. It requires a special key to match the pattern. When you add the key to the end of your lug wrench it allows you to turn the lug. A thief usually won’t have the key.

Before you buy a set you need to determine the lug size and thread pattern of your wheels. Car makers use different stud sizes and they vary between manufacturers. Determine your wheel lug size with this resource.

Make sure it fits your car before buying!

Also know that this is an anti-theft device. As I mentioned before, it’s a theft deterrent and won’t stop someone from stealing your wheels if they wanted to. Anyone can buy the keys online.

The downside to a wheel lock is you’ll have a problem if you lose the key. Your first option is to buy another set of locks. But you may not have the luxury of time depending on your situation. The other option is to take your car to an auto shop and expect to pay to have them all taken off.

McGard – Chrome Cone Seat

These are M12 x 1.5 thread size and cone seat. Make sure your wheels accept cone seat lugs.

Make sure to check McGard’s Vehicle Compatibility Guide to find the right size lock for your car.

McGard has been a wheel lock supplier to the auto makers since 1977. They are an OEM source of wheel locks. The company is headquartered in Orchard Park, NY and makes their locks in the United States. If they source components or materials overseas they label the packaging so you know.

McGard has a unique chroming process for a better quality finish. They add three layers of nickel before plating the lugs with chrome. The nickel sub layers add an extra material for the chrome to bond with. This means you’ll see less wear over time and the lug will hold shine over time.


  • They have a high quality chrome plating that will hold up longer.
  • The set comes with an adapter to fit two different lug wrench hex sizes.
  • McGard hardens and tempers the steel throughout. This is not a surface hardening which is prone to cracking and flaking with use.


  • Some people comment the lugs didn’t fit their vehicle. Check with McGard directly to make sure you have the right size.
  • A small number of users were able to force it off without the key. They took a regular socket and hammered it on forcefully to create a grip.

Gorilla Automotive – Acorn Gorilla Guard

This is a 14mm x 1.50 Thread Size. These are also acorn or conical style. Make sure your wheels accept conical lugs. They’re made from hardened and forged steel for increased durability.

This is one of your value options. It’s priced well and offer a unique security feature over others. The outside of the wheel lock is a sleeve that freely turns. This prevents someone from trying to force them off with an ordinary socket. You need the special key that Gorilla provides.

Gorilla also has some great tips if you want to determine your lug nut seat type and thread size.


  • Many consider them a good value for the price.
  • They can’t be removedeasily even if you don’t have the key. The spinning sleeve is almost a second security layer on top of the lock itself.


  • The locks may rust given enough time in hard winters. They seem to be plated. This is not confirmed though.
  • The outer sleeve may rust closed with enough time too. Then it may be able to be removed easier without a key.

White Knight – Socket Wheel Lock

This is going to be your offshore budget option.

These locks are a 12mm x 1.5 thread conical or acorn style wheel lock. They have a special socket style instead of a keyed groove on top. It won’t fit a normal size socket. Only the special key will fit to remove it.

Check White Knight’s application guide to make sure you find the right size lug before ordering.

White Knight applies two layers of nickel plating and then one layer of chrome. This will provide a longer durability and will resist corrosion over time. They also apply an extra corrosion treatment and spray with a salt solution to test.

That said, some users had problems with the black color wheel lock. They mention the black color comes off easily over time. This may be only with a small number of users but it’s something to consider.


  • They come with a 1 year guarantee free from material and workmanship defects.
  • They also come in a black powder coated version to match your wheels.


  • Some complain the coating comes off easy. A few scratched it during installation.

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories

This is your OEM replacement option if you’ve got a Toyota vehicle. It will fit a Rav 4, Corolla, Prius, Tacoma, Highlander, Lexus, and Avalon. It will likely fit more models but I suggest researching to make sure before you buy. Check McGard’s website for the correct fit. McGard is the manufacturer of these genuine Toyota replacement parts.

Like others, they are triple plated. Two nickel plates and then one chrome. This should ideally help in harsh winter environments for a longer lifespan.

You’ll receive 4 wheel locks, the key, and a key code if you need to buy a replacement key.


  • These are madespecifically for Toyota vehicles.
  • Toyota approves these as genuine replacement parts. This means Toyota has looked at the quality and durability and deems them as approved.


  • They are priced higher than a budget option.
  • Some people buy the wrong size for their Toyota. Give McGard a call (1-800-444-5847) or check their website to get the right one.

Genuine Subaru Wheel Lock Kit

If you’ve got a Subaru, these are your genuine replacement parts. They’ll fit the Forester, Outback, Impreza, WRX, and Legacy. All Subaru vehicles use a 12 X 1.25mm stud size.

McGard also makes these locks that Subaru has approved as an OEM replacement. If they’re approved by Subaru they meet a quality standard.


  • You’ll save money instead of buying these from a dealership.
  • They’re made by McGard who has been making wheel locks since 1977.


  • Some users had an issue with fit. Double check with MCGard for the right part.


My recommendation for the best wheel lock is the McGard Chrome Cone Seat. You’re buying a high quality product with a triple chrome plating that will last longer. They’re also made in the United States.

If you have a smaller budget go for the Gorilla Automotive – Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks. You get the extra security feature of the rotating sleeve to help deter thieves. They’ll definitely serve their purpose and you’ll save a little bit of money at the same time.

I’ve had wheel locks on my car before and they’re a great safety feature. They can be a pain if you lose the key but it’s worth the hassle if you have a backup.

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