Ford Nerf Bar

A Guide To The Best Nerf Bars

If you own a truck or SUV and it didn’t come with a nerf bar or running board, I bet you’ve been thinking about buying the right one for your vehicle. Personally, I don’t think any truck or SUV is really “complete” without a nerf bar. If you’ve ever watched a five-foot person try to

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Pedal Commander Review

A Pedal Commander Review

I love driving my 1940 Ford Truck. When I push the gas pedal the truck goes without delay. In a vehicle that age, the accelerator is connected to the throttle by a series of rods. It’s a sequence of physical connections that makes the engine rev. Modern vehicles are different. They operate on electronic throttles,

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Best Wheel Lock

What Are The Best Wheel Locks?

If you’re wanting a quick answer, I’ve picked the McGard Chrome Cone Seat as the best wheel locks. They’re triple chrome plated and are very durable. Just double check they’ll fit your vehicle. Have your wheels ever been stolen off your vehicle? I’ve thankfully never had that happen to me. But it’s a common occurrence

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